Hit the road jack! Faux conservative North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler wouldn’t run for reelection

obama-faceThey are dropping like flies, jumping the sinking Obama ship. North Carolina faux conservative Democrat Heath Shuler is in one of the more conservative districts in the state. Even with the Tea Party shellacking of Marxist Democrats in 2010, Heath Shuler was able to hang on to his seat just barely. He continued to preach the notion that he wasn’t a far left Marxist Democrat, but rather a conservative or “blue dog” Democrat. Of course there’s no such thing as a conservative Democrat. Democrats today are Marxists, no matter how badly they try to hide it. This in Shuler’s district and state know this, so he toast after his term expires at the end of the year.

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A chip off the old BLOC – Jesse Jackson Jr. calls for Soviet style constitutional amendment

democrat-logoHere is yet another “fine example” of a “public servant” from Chicago. Jesse Jackson Jr. isn’t too much different from his father in his ideology. I haven’t seen or heard Junior race bait as much as his daddy, but he’s actions in Congress are probably a “dream from his father.” The latest example of far left, socialist/communist Jackson comes in this rant on the House floor calling for a constitutional amendment for a Soviet style “Right to Economic Security.” This means, everyone would be given a free house, a free laptop, and a free iPod. Here’s the nutball’s rant:

Why is this a Soviet Union type of idea? Check out Chapter 7 from the old Soviet constitution entitled THE BASIC RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, AND DUTIES OF CITIZENS OF THE USSR. from Constitution.org via Gateway Pundit:

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Watch: John Boehner’s First Speech As Speaker of the House and swearing in

john-boehnerWow. The swearing in was conducted by drooling progressive liberal Democrat from Michigan John Dingell. I’m surprised Dingell could even read at this point, let alone speak. He’s been in Congress for over 50 years and is a poster child for term limits!

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Awesome! Nut job Dennis Kucinich district could be eliminated in Ohio

dennis-kucinichOhio is set to lose two congressional districts based on the numbers from the 2010 Census data. One of the districts could be the Ohio’s 10th congressional district. This district is currently represented by none other than far left loony toon Dennis Kucinich. There are a lot of left wing nut jobs that are nut jobs, but Kucinich sits right near the top as the most nutty. According to CNN Kucinich is getting so desperate, that he fired off an e-mail to supporters begging for their help.

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Worst congress ever! 111th Congress added more debt than first 100 congresses combined!

nancy-pelosi-celebrateThank god it’s over! The absolute worst congress in American history accumulated more new debt–$3.22 trillion ($3,220,103,625,307.29)—during the tenure of the 111th Congress. According to CNSNEWS, this more is debt than what as accumulated by the first 100 Congresses combined! That equals $10,429.64 in new debt for each and every one of the 308,745,538 people counted in the United States by the 2010 Census. Of course, Obama is as much to blame as their jackwagons in Congress for signing every piece of debt accumlating legislation into law.
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Thank god! The 111th congress is finally done!

nancy-pelosi-celebrateIn what will go down in the history book as the worst congress in U.S. history, the 111th Congress is finally finished. The damage has been done. From weakening America’s defenses, taking over the auto industry, banks, and health care, to the failed porkulus bill, the 111th Congress leaves America with $3 trillion in new debt over just under a two year period. The 110th Congress was nearly as bad under dubya Bush giving us $2 trillion in new debt (controlled by Pelosi and Reid.) The new 112th Congress will begin on January 5th, 2011. According to Bloomberg, this Congress made more law affecting more Americans since the “Great Society” legislation of the 1960s.

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Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot Republicans 47% Democrats 39%

Looks like Obama, and the rest of the Marxistcrat party has really stirred up the “enthusiasm” in their base huh? A week ago, when all the reports came out about a sudden Democrat “surge” this same Rasmussen poll found Republicans at 45% and Democrats at 42%, only a three point spread. That was the closet any Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot had been in some time. But today it’s back to reality. Republicans have opened up an 8 point lead in the latest Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot.

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108 House seats in play according to The New York Times?

newyorktimes-logoAccording to the New York Times, there are 108 House of Representative seats in play! This also doesn’t even include Barney Frank or Raul Grijalva who the NYT lists as “Solid Democrat” despite the recent polls to the contrary. The New York Times lists 168 Republican seats as solid and 159 Democrat seats as “solid”. It also lists Alan Grayson’s seat as a “Toss-up” despite Cook Report moving this to “Lean Republican.” So there are a lot of things to consider and look at in their analysis. When Dick Morris first claimed that over 100 seats were up for grabs i just laughed it off. Looks like Morris might be right!

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Even far left Democrat Steny Hoyer says Stephen Colbert’s testimony was inappropriate and an embarrassment

steny-hoyer1It’s a cold day in July before I’d ever agree with anything spewed out of the mouth of Steney Hoyer. But it was a much colder than normal summer here on the west coast, and it’s almost October now, so maybe that explains this oddity. I AGREE with Steny Hoyer! Hoyer, who is the current but not for much longer House Majority Leader appeared on Fox News Sunday saying that Stephen Colbert’s testimony this week in Congress was inappropriate.

It’s such a rarity when politicians, especially far left ones like Hoyer speak the truth and make sense. So enjoy while you can.

EPIC FAIL! Cloture fails for Harry Reid’s Amnesty “Dream Act” embedded in defense bill 56-43

harry-reid-idiotI’m shocked. Really shocked that none of the RINOs voted YEA on Harry Reid’s Amnesty “DREAM Act” that was embedded in the defense bill. Not one RINO, Snowe, Collins, Graham, McCain, or the others voted for it. The witch Lisa Murkowski didn’t vote as she is out this week. Not like her vote would have ended up mattering. The two Democrats who voted NAY include Blanche Lincoln who thinks she can save her a*s this November and Mark Pryor who is toast in 2012. According to Michelle Malkin, Harry Reid voted no in order to file a motion to reconsider. Illinois corrupt Democrat Dick Durbin then began his whinefest thereafter about the failure to pass the dream act. And as usual, the media misses the point. The say that “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” failed to pass, yet fail to mention that the AMNESTY part of the bill (Dream ACT) is what caused it’s failure. Even the far left wing Fox News (sarcasm) claims that Republicans simply blocked an effort to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. Not one word mentioned about the Amnesty DREAM act.
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