Christie-ObamaVille – Verizon to cut 201 jobs in New Jersey

fat_bastard_chris_christieChris Christie and Barack Hussein Obama BFFs now, so both should be proud that their policies are costing workers at Verizon in New Jersey 201 The layoffs will occur on February 6th. But hey, don’t worry about New Jersey. Chris Christie was busy whining about the pork laden ‘Sandy relief bill’ which is over 50% pork, not related to ‘recovery’ and 90% of the funds wouldn’t even be spent in 2013.
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Mm mm not good – Campbell Soup cuts 290 in Sacramento, California in ‘first wave’ of job cuts

obama2ObamaVllle is spreading accros the country. The latest victim is Campbell’s Soup, which has cut 290 jobs in California, in it’s ‘first wave’ of job cuts with many more on the way.
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Welcome to ObamaVille – American Express to cut 5,400 jobs

obama-boogerSo not only are your Second Amendment rights being cut, but so are more jobs? Once again, you can thank the Obama economy for another bit loss in jobs. American Express is cutting 5,400 jobs, and staff levels to be 4 to 6 percent lower by end of 2013. Thanks again to the 51% who voted for this clown! Forward!
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Obamaville education: U.S. public schools cut 11,000 jobs in December

broom-hilda-solisWelcome to ObamaVille’s education. The media yet again is jizzing over the miserable jobs report today that would have been labeled disasterous under Dubya Bush’s adminstration. A measly 155,000 jobs were added which doesn’t even keep up with population growth. Yet again, with the fudging of the numbers by the corrupt Obama labor department, the unemployement rate managed to stay unchanged. Hardly reported on was the 11,000 jobs cut from U.S. public schools in December.
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Obamaville – National Real Estate Information Services lays off 215 workers

obama2Another day, another company cutting over 200 jobs in Obama’s economy. National Real Estate Information Services is laying off 215 workers starting in February:

Heck of a job Obama! Consumer confidence index falls off fiscal-cliff – hits lowest level since credit downgrade

urkelHey America, you re-elect this dope Obama, and other Marxist Democrats, so you are as much to blame for this as Obama and the rest of the politicians you keep re-electing. Despite the Christmas shopping season in which consumer confidence typical goes up, at least a little in a crappy economy, it instead crashed to 65.1 from 73.1.

Welcome to ObamaVille – Employers took 1,759 mass layoffs in November involving 173,558 workers

imagesHere is yet another painful, yet revealing stat from November’s job numbers that the media refuses to tell the American viewer. In November, (the last available jobs report), 1,759 employers in this country did mass lay offs of workers that totaled an eye popping 173,558 workers. With the ObamaCare penalty set to hit in just a few days, the looming fiscal cliff, and all the taxes going up on business owners come January 1st, this number might look small in the coming months. These numbers come directly from the BLS,  these aren’t just some random numbers pulled out of the air.
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Leftist mission accomplished: 712,000 Americans fell into poverty last year

obama-laughingYou certainly wouldn’t hear about this in the corrupt Obama mania media, but it’s still worth noting. During the so called ‘economic recovery’ under Obama, 712,000 Americans fell into poverty in 2011 alone. But it’s all cool. Obama is in Hawaii on a $4 million vacation, the soon to be Secretary of State is worth $200 million (because of his ketchup wife) and Christmas sales are down over 4% this year. But hey, this is called an economic recovery in the year 2012 so who am I to argue.

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Welcome to Obamaville – Pfizer to cut 600 jobs – nearly 20 percent of sales force

imagesPfizer is the latest victim of ObamaVille and the stupidity of voters who actually voted Obama back into office. The drug maker Pfizer is planning to cut 600 jobs from it’s sales force, which amounts to about 20% of it’s total.  As usual, no American media seems to be interested in reporting on this. Welcome to ObamaVille.
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Obama’s economy: 400 jobs cut at Humvee plant in Indiana

imagesHappy 2013 AM General employees! As of January 1st, 2013, AM General plans to lay off 400 workers at its military assembly plant in Indiana on News Years Day.
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Thanks Obama! Another 1,500 jobs lost – from Avon (cosmetic products)

obama-sucksWelcome to ObamaVille. Yet another 1,500 jobs were lost thanks to the Obama economy. The company Avon makes cosmetic products, and you’ve probably heard their name before. This just keeps padding the number of jobs lost since Obama re-election. A few days after his election it was about 100,000. Now, it’s probably approaching 150,000-200,000.
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Welcome to ObamaVille – Citigroup cuts 11,000 jobs

obama2Within the first few days of Obama’s ‘re-election’, more than 100,000 had already been cut as companies prepare for the next four year of Marxist government, and the cowardly Republicans caving to his demands in the House. Now, you can add Citigroup to the list of companies cutting jobs, as they announced today that they are getting rid of 11,000 jobs.

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