Economy still sucks – Fed Bernanke no taper of bond buying

Economy still sucks - Fed Bernanke no taper of bond buyingThe economy still sucks, despite what the media and Obama will tell you. That’s why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has surprised some people today and decided against the taper of bond buying. The monthly bond buy will remain at $85 million, further devaluing our currency, and artificially inflating the stock market.

Well done America, reelecting Obama!

Great news from Joe the Biden – You are no longer worried about the economy (Video)

joe-biden-dumbassWhew! I’m sure glad that the economy is fixed and America is just humming along. I was getting worried there after 5 years of a lousy, stagnant economy. You see, according to Joe Biden, the same idiot who predicted ‘recovery summer’ in 2010, Americans are no longer worried about the economy.

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Irony! NBC owned Universal Studios Orlando will cut health care benefits for part-time workers at end of the year because of ObamaCARE

nbcSucks ro be part time workers at NBC owned Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to ObamaCare, they will be losing their health care benefits all because of ObamaCARE.

Universal Orlando is, of course, a division of NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC and its cable network sister MSNBC. As we have quite exhaustively documented, MSNBC is an enthusiastic cheerleader of all things Obama, including his policy positions such as ObamaCare. It remains to be seen to what extent NBC News and MSNBC will report this story.

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Unemployment rate spikes to 7.9% as another 170,000 leave the workforce January

goofy-hussein-obamaThe first jobs report of 2013 was a lot like the jobs reports from the last 4 years. Lousy, anemic numbers of jobs added with more people dropping out of the workforce than actually getting a new job. The unemployment rate spiked to 7.9% to in January, yet somehow to corrupt lapdog media is reporting this as ‘good news.’
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Q4 GDP shrinks ‘unexpectedly’ – Recession here we come

obama-narcissistThe propaganda media has already spinning the 2012 Q4 GDP contraction as a ‘fluke’ or a ‘one time thing’ blaming things from Hurricane Sandy (as if all the business in this country is conducted in New York and New Jersey)

to lowering in government spending:

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Leftist media fail! Reuters reportedly lays off up to 3,000 workers, including ‘real journalists’

democrat-logoShould I laugh our loud or what? The leftist propaganda machine is continuing to sputter as Reuters has reportedly cut 3,000 jobs, including so called ‘real journalists.’ I know I shouldn’t laugh when people lose their jobs, but when leftists media propagandists lose theirs, it doesn’t really strike me as a poor or middle class American losing their job. Welcome to ObamaVille Reuters.
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ObamaVille – State Street custody bank to cut 630 jobs thanks to lousy economy

obama-laughingState Street is a ‘custody bank’ and announced that they will be cutting 630 jobs in Obama’s lousy economy. State Street Corp. is considered the third largest custody bank.
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Christie-ObamaVille – Verizon to cut 201 jobs in New Jersey

fat_bastard_chris_christieChris Christie and Barack Hussein Obama BFFs now, so both should be proud that their policies are costing workers at Verizon in New Jersey 201 The layoffs will occur on February 6th. But hey, don’t worry about New Jersey. Chris Christie was busy whining about the pork laden ‘Sandy relief bill’ which is over 50% pork, not related to ‘recovery’ and 90% of the funds wouldn’t even be spent in 2013.
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Mm mm not good – Campbell Soup cuts 290 in Sacramento, California in ‘first wave’ of job cuts

obama2ObamaVllle is spreading accros the country. The latest victim is Campbell’s Soup, which has cut 290 jobs in California, in it’s ‘first wave’ of job cuts with many more on the way.
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Welcome to ObamaVille – American Express to cut 5,400 jobs

obama-boogerSo not only are your Second Amendment rights being cut, but so are more jobs? Once again, you can thank the Obama economy for another bit loss in jobs. American Express is cutting 5,400 jobs, and staff levels to be 4 to 6 percent lower by end of 2013. Thanks again to the 51% who voted for this clown! Forward!
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