Marco Rubio and Harry Reid share tender moment, hug after amnesty passes

marco-rubio-amnesty-rinoMarco Rubio and Harry Reid are new BFFs. They shared a tender moment together after the Senate passed the amnesty with a nice little hug. If Rubio’s shenanigans during this whole amnesty debacle didn’t kill his political career as a conservatve, the following VINE file will:

Doesn’t it just bring a tear to your eye? Such love between Harry Reid and Marco Rubio. Time for those two losers to get a room and spent the night together. Now that DOMA was struck down, maybe they can marry each other?

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Harry Reid’s gun grab bill (S. 649) – if somebody steals your firearm or you lose it, you can go to prison for up to five years if you don’t report it missing

dingy-harry-reidSo Harry Reid has an A rating from the NRA? I wonder what they think about his upcoming gun control bill in the Senate that will send people to jail for five years if their firearm goes missing from theft, or any other reason.

Section 123 of the Reid bill adds a new provision to section 922 of title 18 of the U.S. Code:

It shall be unlawful for any person who lawfully possesses or owns a firearm that has been shipped or transported in, or has been possessed in or affecting, interstate or foreign commerce, to fail to report the theft or loss of the firearm, within 24 hours after the person discovers the theft or loss, to the Attorney General and to the appropriate local authorities.

It also amends section 924 of title 18 so that a violation of the 24-hour reporting requirement committed “knowingly” is punishable by up to five years in prison or a criminal fine, or both. To punish someone who “knowingly” violates the 24-hour rule might sound reasonable to some people—until you know what a lawyer means by the word “knowingly” when it comes to a criminal statute.

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Until Harry Reid is removed from office, I will NEVER spend another dime in Nevada

dingy-harry-reidSince I’m just one state over from Nevada, I always found it an easy place to go for a little vacation. I used to go to Las Vegas about twice a year since it’s not terribly far from here. That’s going to change as of today. As long as Harry Reid remains the U.S. Senator from Nevada I will no longer set foot in the state of Nevada, never spend another dime. If i want to find a casino, there are plenty of Indian casinos here, and in Arizona that are just as close, if not closer than Vegas. If I want top notch restaurant, there are plenty along the coast out here, especially in Oxnard and Ventura. If I need to eat like a Candy Crowley and find a buffet, there are plenty of good ones at the Indian casinos.
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Marine official on Harry Reid’s pathetic dance on the backs of dead Marines ‘I don’t know how anyone could link this accident to budget cuts’

dingy-harry-reid-old-cootOnly Democrats are ok with what Harry Reid did today on the Senate floor. While discussing the tragedy of the seven dead Marines from an explosion in Nevada, the despicable Harry Reid decided to play politics and blame the sequester for it. One Marine official fired back at Reid over his comments:

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Allen West demands Harry Reid apologize now for politicizing the death of seven Marines in Nevada

allenwestAllen West is awesome, but in his latest Tweet, he makes a bad assumption. He assumes Harry Reid has a shred of honor in his old, wilting body. Harry Reid has no honor, never has, and certainly never will. Still. he called on Dingy Harry Reid to apologize now for his disgusting politicization of the death of seven Marines in Nevada.

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Seven dead Marines in Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada, 8 injured, Harry Reid uses them to whine about sequester (Video)

dingy-harry-reidYou know, every day I say to myself, how much lower can leftist Democrat scum go, and every day they show me. The latest example is the pathetic, Democrat Senator Harry Reid. Even with the death of seven Marines, and with eight others injured (three critically), Harry Reid found the need to play politics with this. Reid blamed sequester for the Marines deaths and injuries because of lack of training or something.

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Hey gun owners! RINO Mitch McConnell and Dingy Harry Reid close to cutting deal on Senate filibuster rule changes

obama_dictatorSo this is how Der Fuehrer Obama will achieve his gun grab! According to RedState, worthless Senate RINO Mitch McConnell is working on a ‘deal’ with dingy Harry Reid in order to change Senate filibuster rules. This will make it a lot easier for the Senate to pass sweeping gun grabbing legislation. With Weeper Boehner in the House bringing up every bill Democrats demand, it could conveniently pass the house like the crappy ‘fiscal cliff’ and pork laden relief bills did. Few Republicans, and nearly all Democrat votes.  With the change in fillibuster rules requiring only 51 votes to pass a bill instead of 60, not only would it be easier to pass, but Democrats up for re-election in 2014 that are in conservative states could vote no.

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Despicable! Dingy Harry Reid – Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy (Video)

dingy-harry-reidI’m really getting sick and tired of these pathetic leftists over dramatizing things like natural disasters or shootings. Pathetic Dingy Harry Reid has declared that Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy. Is that so Dingy? Is that why the $60 bill ‘aid’ bill is comprised of about 50% pork for other states that have absolutely nothing to do with Sandy? Is that why fisheries in Alaska and Mississippi need their money? Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in American history, followed by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. But according to Reid, Hurricane Katrina Was ‘Nothing In Comparison’ To Sandy? Give me a f*cking break already.

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‘Hard working’ Senators go on Christmas vacation until December 27th as ‘fiscal-cliff’ looms

dingy-harry-reid-old-cootHarry Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate is really working hard to resolve the so called fiscal-cliff. They are working so hard in fact that they are going on their Christmas vacation, and don’t plan on returning until December 27th, just four days before the country goes off the so called ‘fiscal-cliff.’ Dingy Harry Reid is even using the Senator Daniel Inouye’s death as a reason to go away for a few days. You see, today Inouye will have his funeral in Hawaii this coming weekend. Harry Reid said he and other Senators ‘want to attend.’ Hawaii if of course 6,000 miles or so miles away from DC.

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Harry Reid 2012 vs 2005 on Senate filibuster rules (Video)

dingy-harry-reidI guess you can call Harry Reid’s flip flopping on changing filibuster rules in the Senate ‘evolving.’ You know, like Obama’s flip flop on gay marriage? Remember, when a Democrat flip-flops is called ‘evolving.’ When a Republican does it’s called flip-flopping.

Hypocrite Dingy Harry Reid scrubs website of 2005 comments opposing filibuster ‘reform’

dingy-harry-reidFunny how hypocritical Democrats are, and especially Harry Reid. In 2005, when the Republicans controlled the Senate, Harry Reid was vehemently against changing current filibuster rules. Now, that Obama has won reelection and the Democrats still control the Senate, suddenly Reid wants filibuster ‘reform.’ Dingy Harry Reid had comments on his site from 2005 about how opposed to changing the filibuster rules he was. Suddenly, *poof*, they are mysteriously gone. They may be gone from his official site, but nothing is gone for ever from the Internet. Here is an example of one of Reid’s statements from 2005:

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Bob Dole AGE: 89, hospitalized at Walter Reed – Harry Reid plays politics

dingy-harry-reidDingy Harry Reid called Bob Dole ‘infirm’ but an assistant to Bob Dole told CBS News that Dole will leave the hospital tomorrow after a “routine” procedure. So even when it comes to someone’s health, Harry Reid and the Democrats have to play politics with it.
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