Harry Reid, Democrats blame Koch brothers for Obama’s Ukraine failures

dingy-harry-reidDingy Harry Reid and the Democrats have finally moved on from blaming George W. Bush. Meet the latest reason for world problems according to Harry Reid and leftist nut job Democrat, the Koch Brothers. Forget Obama looking like Putin’s puppet in the Ukraine, or him becoming the laughing stock of Syria. Blame the Koch Brothers!

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Harry Reid calls the 2.3 million who will lose their job because of ObamaCARE Free Agents

dingy-harry-reidGood news from Harry Reid! Of the estimated 2.3 million who will lose their jobs thanks to ObamaCARE (after today’s CBO report), they will become ‘free agents.’ You know, like athletes in professional sports that become free agents when their contracts are up? This is how dumb the progressive liberal Democrats are.

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Harry Reid whines about Robert Gates book

dingy-harry-reidProgressives can’t stand the fact that Robert Gates book exposed Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton for the frauds they are. Even whiny RINO progressive Jeff Flake complained about the book. How it’s dingy Harry Reid’s turn. He claims Robert Gates is only out to make a quick buck.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says former Defense Secretary Robert Gates is out to make a buck with a book denigrating other senior officials.

Reid was one target of Gates in his book, while President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also came in for criticism.

Dingy Harry Reid’s health insurance premiums rise by $4,500

dingy-harry-reidHere’s one ObamaCARE story that should make everyone smile. Dingy Harry Reid, the pile of filth Democrat Senator from Nevada saw his insurance premiums rise to $4,500 all because of ObamaCARE. Of course, with all the Casino moguls and union thugs lining Reid’s pocket, he can easily afford the extra $4,500 per year. He claims it went up $4,500 because of his age. He’s always been an old coot in the Senate, so that excuse don’t fly.

Here’s one time I can say, Thank you ObamaCARE!

Dingy Harry Reid exempts staffers from Obamacare

dingy-harry-reidObamaCARE is good enough for you peasant Americans, but not Harry Reid’s staffers. I would like to personally give a big middle finger to the people of Nevada who reelected this corrupt old coot back in 2010.

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Harry Reid removes this from website: Responsible Republicans stand up against nuclear option

dingy-harry-reidHarry Reid, like the rest of the filthy progressive liberal Democrats were against changing the filibuster before they were for it. Harry Reid magically removed the following from his website:

Harry Reid removes this from website: Responsible Republicans stand up against nuclear option
Harry Reid removes this from website: Responsible Republicans stand up against nuclear option – Image Credit: The Blaze

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Harry Reid & Democrats go nuclear – eliminates Senate filibusters

dingy-harry-reidIf you like your Senate rules, you can keep your Senate rules, period. Well, that’s before today. Harry Reid, Obama and the radical progressive liberal Democrats are so desperate to distract the public’s attention away from ObamaCARE that they used the so called nuclear option and changed hundreds of years of Senate rules in order to get Obama’s radical appointments nominated. If Obama and the Democrats think that this radical progressive tactic is going to get people’s minds off ObamaCARE, they are kidding themselves. Independents, will be even more turned off to Obama and the extremist progressive liberal Democrats after this move. This is also another ploy to allow extremist progressive liberals to all Obama stack the courts with radical judges to uphold his socialism. With the stunt the Democrats in the Senate pulled today, Obama can now put known terrorists Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn on a Federal Court! Thanks America for last year’s election!

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Harry Reid fundraiser Harvey Whittemore gets two years in prison

dingy-harry-reidHarvey Whittemore a major Harry Reid donor in Nevada has been sentenced to two years in jail.

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Harry Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer?

Dana Bash: But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it? Harry Reid: Why would we want to do that?Ooops. Why would we want to help one kid with cancer? Dingy Harry Reid let the cat out of the bag. When asked by Dana Bash why the Senate wouldn’t pass a House bill funding the NIH, Harry Reid (and Chuck Schumer) became viability angry. Reid also got in a pot shot at Dana Bash at the end of the question. Bashing the press hacks doesn’t really make me cringe, but ‘why would we want to help’ one kid with cancer? Harry Reid, you just revealed your hand and the rest of the progressive liberal extremist Democrats. You don’t give a sh*t about the American people.

Harry Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer?
Harry Reid: 'Why Would We Want To' Help One Kid With Cancer?
Harry Reid: ‘Why Would We Want To’ Help One Kid With Cancer to Dana Bash

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Harry Reid – Senator hostage taker

dingy-harry-reidHarry Reid has finally come out of the closet and revealed himself to be Obama’s hostage takeover on the CR and government shutdown.

So it’s either Harry Reid’s way or the highway? Sounds to me like Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats are the so called ‘hostage takers’ that Obama and his ilk have been calling Republicans.

Lets make something blatantly clear Dingy Harry Reid. You do not rule us. We are not your ‘subjects.’ Your crap may work in Nevada, but it doesn’t work elsewhere. It’s been ‘your way’ since 2007, and it ain’t working.

Oh and where’s that Ssnate budget that by law is required every year, but doesn’t passed in the last five years? HARRY REID IS A TERRORIST!

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