Patti Davis – Reagan’s liberal daughter whines about losing health care

Patti Davis, like her brother Ron are the progressive liberal offspring of Ronald Reagan. Patti Davis, a big government liberal tweeted, then deleted a whiny message complaining about her losing her health care coverage. I guess Patti Davis didn’t listen to her own father’s first inauguration. Government isn’t the solution our problems, government is the problem. Davis, like a typical leftist coward deleted her tweet once people started mocking her for whining.

Patti Davis – Reagan’s liberal daughter whines about losing health care

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Iraq war veteran James Glasser publicly embarrassed over service dog at Big I’s in Massachusetts

democrat-logoIraq war veteran James Glasser claims he was publicly embarrassed by Big I’s owner Russel Ireland. Glasser has a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier to help him with his PTSD. But that didn’t matter to the obnoxious Big I’s restaurant owner Russel Ireland. The vet days Ireland told him ‘hear get that f**king fake service dog out of my restaurant.’ The vet and the dog were probably the cleanest things in that shithole. Big I’s is in Oxford, Massachusetts so I can’t say I’m very surprised.

After being turned away, the veteran called the police who subsequently told Ireland that Glasser has a right to be inside the restaurant with the dog, especially because the canine is assisting the man with a medical issue.

The obnoxious chowderhead Ireland says the incident was ‘partially’ his fault:

“I didn’t say anything last time he was in, so it was partially my fault. I admit this, I overreacted, granted, I’m only human,” Ireland said, despite defending his decision not to want the dog and his master at the restaurant.

Slap Hillary Clinton game in flash induces faux liberal outrage

hillary7Slap Hillary Clinton is a flash game produced by the SlapHillary team and is causing a leftist meltdown all over the Internet. As is typical for Democrats when they don’t like something, they are demanding that ‘this site be taken down’ because the SlapHillary team dared make a video game. Nancy Pelosi is demanding that this site be taken down because of Slap Hillary.

Or you just have the left wing media and so called ‘women’s rights groups’ claiming the game is ‘violent’ and disgusting.

Of course these same hypocrite have never once uttered a word about the Slap Palin game in flash that’s been out for years. You also have never heard a peep by these same left wing hacks about the video game created a couple years ago that allows to you slaughter ‘Tea Party Zombies’ like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or the ‘factory made blonde for Fox News.’ The ‘slaughter tea party zombies’ game was created in 2011, a full two years before this ‘Slap Hillary’ game, and not one peep out of these same hypocritical leftists.
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A Poem for Dzhokhar by singing hag Amanda Palmer

A Poem for Dzhokhar

dzhokhar-a-tsarnaev-boston-terroristA Poem for Dzhokhar by singing hag Amanda Palmer was a tribute to Boston Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It’s ok if you don’t know who Amanda Palmer is. I don’t either. But I checked Twitchy, and the author of A Poem for Dzhokhar is some hag who sometimes goes by the name Amanda Fucking Parker. That should tell you all you need to know about her. Amanda Fucking Palmer was the lead singer, lyricist/composer and pianist with The Dresden Dolls.

In A Poem for Dzhokhar, Palmer urges empathy for the terrorist who killed four people and caused others to lose their limbs. It just goes to show yet again that leftist hags like Palmer will go to hell and high water to defend Muslim terrorists and show how they are the victims.
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Welcome to ObamaVille – Widespread reports of looting across New York City, Coney Island – Lower East Side residents fear violence

obama-laughingSo this is how America comes together during a major natural disaster? Welcome to Obamaville. Widespread looting is being reported in New York City and Coney Island. Police where overwhelmed by looters in Coney Island. Lower East Side residents are now fearing for their lives because of violence. Add this on top of the fact many people in that region are still without electricity. Obama and his cronies should come up with a new official song: ‘Lets go looting now, everybody’s learning how, come on and grab free stuff with me!’
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”Educated’ progressives at University of Wisconsin think it was ‘unfair’ Obama wasn’t allowed to use teleprompter during Denver debate (Video)

bt2.gifOh good grief. This is what Marxist professors are turning out in our colleges? The University of Wisconsin in Madison is basically the mid-west version of UC Berkeley.  The professors and students are as left wing was Karl Marx. They are also supposed to be brilliant, educated people. Yet when asked by Breitbart’s Rebel Pundit if they thought it was fair that more than half of these ‘educated’ individuals told Rebel Pundit that they thought it was ‘unfair’ that Obama wasn’t allowed to use his teleprompter during the Denver shellacking.

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Hollywood D-list liberal Democrat actor Richard Belzer obsession with Hitler continues – does Hitler salute at TV festival

democrat-logoIt seems D-List Hollywood liberal actor and self-hating Jew Richard Belzer has an obession with Hitler and Nazis. Richard Belzer, who is quite the fan of Obama, hater of anything conservative flashed a Nazi salute and put two fingers to his upper lip in a mock Hitler moustache at a TV festival in Monte Carlo. He did the same thing on Hannity back in February of 2009. Below is the video from that episode. You progressive liberal Democrats are getting very creepy. Considering Nazis are the “National Socialist Party” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But you’d think a Jew like Belzer would have at least a little common sense. I guess not. I’ll wait for all t he left wing Jewish groups to demand an apology.

Mormonophobia – Progressive liberal Democrat Anti-Mormonism On The Rise

democrat-baby-logoProgressive liberal Democrats love to preach love, tolerance and equality. Yet the fact remains that progressive liberal Democrats seem to be tolerant of anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, Anti-Americanism treasonous snakes. Oh wait, they love Islamic radicals too. So you know it had to be painful for leftwing biased Buzzfeed to post the results of the latest study showing anti-Mormonism on the rise in this country. The anti-Mormonism isn’t coming from those “crazy” right wing tea party Evangelicals, but rather progressive liberal Democrats.

The uptick in anti-Mormon voter attitudes may come as a surprise to those who predicted Romney’s candidacy would have a mainstreaming effect on his faith. But as University of Sydney scholar David Smith, the paper’s author, writes, just as President Obama’s successful candidacy didn’t put an end to tense race relations in America, Romney’s political assent hasn’t cured the country of anti-Mormonism. In fact, as the data shows, Romney’s rise may have lead to increased anxiety about his religion among his natural political opponents.
According to the paper, concern about Mormonism has remained relatively stable among Evangelicals, with 36 percent expressing aversion to an LDS candidate in 2007 and 33 percent doing so in 2012. But among non-religious voters, that number shot up 20 points in the past five years, from 21 percent in 2007 to 41 percent in February. There were also substantial increases in Mormon-averse voters among liberals — 28 percent in 2007 and 43 percent in 2012 — as well as moderates, who went from 22 percent in 2007 to 32 percent this year.

Our progressive liberal education system – third graders allegedly having oral sex, teacher ignores

democrat-logoThinks have sure changed since I was in the third grade. Progressive liberals have not only completely ruined the education system dumbing down students to record levels, but now third graders are allegedly have oral sex in class under tables, and the teacher ignores it.  Back when I was in third grade I was mostly interested in trading baseball cards and getting the latest Atari 2600 cartridge. I guess that’s why I’m just a conservative and not an “educated” progressive liberal.
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Idiot Geraldo Rivera claims Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as much to blame for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman

geraldo-rivera_0Back in the “old days” aka the 1980s, people of all colors and races wore “hoodies.” Except back then they weren’t called “hoodies.” They were called sweatshirts with hoods on them. I went to middle school where African Americans were bussed in from the inner city who wore “hoodies” all the time. Latinos wore them too when the weather was cool and damp. But according to Fox News idiot Geraldo Rivera, it was Trayvon Martin’s hoodies that was as much to blame for his shooting death as George Zimmerman! Seriously! Watch the following video from The Blaze and try not to punch your computer screen.
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