What the hell? $285 million in tax payer stimulus dollars went to Guam?

obama2Did you know that $285 million of your tax payer dollars from the $800 billion stimulus project (that paid for such things as studying cow farts and shrimps running on tread mills) went to Guam? Who’s idea was this? Did Hank Johnson convince Obama that Guam would tip over without the $285 million in stimulus funds? I realize Guam is a US territory, but I never realized they were a state that needed the so called stimulus dollars.

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Your tax dollars at work – Obama stimulus aids WorldCom Felon David Myers

obama2A felon almost beat Obama in the Democrat primary in West Virginia. But another felon, named David Myers of WorldCom benefited from your tax dollars paid for with Obama’s porkulus. According to Bloomberg, David Myers served nine months in prison for helping to falsify the telecommunications company’s books to meet earnings targets. Yet Myers company called Ways LLC received a loan guarantee of $7.45 million so that allowing Myers could finance the purchase of a home health agency that provides care to 650 people in the Mississippi Delta.
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$300 million of your tax dollars from Obama’s stimulus went to purchase equipment and employ people from Korea

obama-frownI don’t know if I should laugh, or be pissed off about this. The Obama stimulus bill has been an epic failure. Nearly a trillion in tax payer dollars has been flushed down the toilet. There have been a ton of examples of what a waste the stimulus has been. Anywhere from Solyndra to millions wasted to study cow farts. Now comes word from CBS that $300 million of your tax payer dollars from Obama’s failed stimulus went to two electric battery plants in Michigan. Using that $300, the plants bought equipment and hired workers from Korea, not America. The only reason why I snicker at this is that Obama’s union thug pals are pissed off over this.
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Another Obama backed solar company Energy Conversion Devices, goes bankrupt after getting $13.3 million in tax credits

barack-obama-arroganceAnother Obama/Democrat backed solar company bites the dust. A solar company called Energy Conversion Devices, which last year moved 140 American jobs from Michigan to Mexico has gone bankrupt. It’s not easy being green. But it’s easy getting tax payer green from the corrupt Obama regime. Reuters describes this company as “lightweight.” But any company that gets $13.3 million in tax credit doesn’t seem “lightweight” to me.
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Obama stimulus “green energy” company Ener1 EnerDel goes bankrupt after receiving $118.5 Million tax payer dollars

obama-fail-smokeHere’s yet another Solyndra type “green energy” company your tax dollars paid for with stimulus that has gone bankrupt. This company didn’t make solar panels, but instead batteries for electric cars. Regardless, it’s another one of those stimulus funded companies via the nearly one trillion dollar stimulus that’s gone belly up. Think the media will cover it? Of course not. The CNN Debate tonight didn’t bother asking about this, or Solyndra. Instead we got questions like “why will your wife be a good first lady.” Oh and according to CNSNEWS, Biden visited this company in 2011.

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Your tax dollars at work – $682,570 spent to study ‘Shrimp On A Treadmill’ in 2011

michelle_obama-ugly-1You know fat cakes Michelle Obama loves that seafood. So why not waste the tax payer’s money on shrimps running on treadmills? According to CNSNEWS, $682,570 grant of your money to pay for this was used to study “How are human-made marine stresses affecting the marine life that we need?.”e Reports of $500,000 of taxpayer funds to study a project that has shrimp running on a treadmill hit the headlines early in 2011. A recent report now shows that $682,570 in grants has been awarded to the research effort. It was also used to take the pulse of marine life in “stressed seas.”
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Great! Marxist Democrat Mike Honda on Obama’s nearly $1 trillion stimulus – “The stimulus bill was put together because we didn’t know what the hell was going on”

democrat-logoHey, at least Marxist Democrat Rep. Mike Honda is being honest. In a Daily Caller interview, the far left California Democrat admitted that Obama’s nearly $1 trillion stimulus/porkulus bill was put together in early 2009 because:

“we (Democrats) didn’t know what the hell was going on”

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Another $43 million down the drain – “Green” company Beacon Power files for bankruptcy after Obama spreads the tax payer wealth

obama_snobAnother day, another $43 million in tax payer money down the drain. According to The Blaze, Beacon Power, a Massachusetts-based, “clean-energy” company, filed for bankruptcy this past weekend, after receiving $43 million in tax payer funded loan guarantees last year. Beacon Power’s excuse for filing bankruptcy? It’s because of the current economic and political climate. Yet, Obama is supposed to be the most “clean energy” friendly president in U.S. history isn’t he?

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Truckin’ to Solyndra. Another $424,000 in stimulus wasted on now bankrupt Mountain Plaza truck stop

obama-asleepHey, at least this was only around half a million dollars wasted by the stimulus, and not half a billion like Solyndra. Of course, half a billion was wasted on an Al Gore connected electric car company called called Fisker that produces cars in Finland instead of America. But it’s all cool for Marxist Democrats and Obama. According to The Blaze, Mountain Plaza, INC has gone belly up despite the half a million dollars of our money.

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Obama fails again – $35 billion payoff to union dies in the Senate

obama-frownAnother epic failure for Obama. The Senate killed his latest attempt to pay off the unions with $35 billion porkulus bill going down 50 to 50. Three Marxist Democrats who suddenly are trying to play conservative voted against the bill. Yet the headline from the biased corrupt news organizations like Associated Press is claiming Senate Republicans filibustered Obama’s jobs bill. Before even worrying about luring in some RINOs, the Democrats better worry about getting their own party to vote not to “filibuster” Obama’s spending bills. The three Democrats who voted against the bill are coming up on an election year next year. Suddenly, Cornhusker Kickback king Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Jon Tester of Montana are fiscal hawks, voting against the bill. Warmongering Democrat Joe Liberman’s seat is open next year as he’s retiring, and he voted no as well.
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Congrats America! You paid $2.4 million for Solyndra’ law firm Wilson Sonsini

barack-obama-arroganceI guess we can just add this extra $2 million to the half a billion we’ve wasted on Solyndra. Greta Van Susteren reported that we have paid Solyndra’s legal bill to Wilson Sonsini of $2.4 million. Want a break down of extra what the $2.4 entails? Good luck finding it. When a left winger like Greta gets ticked off, you know it’s bad. Van Susteren asked for some research to be done to find the bill so she could go over Wilson Sonsini’s legal bill and post it on her blog. But according to her response, Wilson Sonsini’s work for Solyndra is not a matter of public record. Why? Because of the big transparent Obama regimes first stimulus reporting requirements!

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Dingy Harry Reid and Senate Democrat vote down Obama’s faux jobs bill

dingy-harry-reidI love the AP headline about Obama’s latest failure in the Senate.

Senate Republicans vote to block $447 billion Obama jobs bill, roll call continues.

Problem for the biased AP is it wasn’t just those evil Republicans who voted down Obama’s union/trial lawyer payoff bill. Three Senate Democrats, including the old codger Dingy Harry Reid voted NAY on the bill as well, making the defeat of the bill bi-partisan. Two other Democrats who are most likely toast in next year’s election, but want to try and play “blue dogs” were Cornhusker Kickback King Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Jon Tester of Montana. Obama’s West Virginia rubber stamp Joe Manchin, the man who replaced KKK Robert Byrd who claimed earlier he wouldn’t vote for the bill, did. Why am I not surprised?
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