More voter fraud! Obama won 108% of Ohio Wood County vote

obamas_fly_2So basically this country is now equal to Iran or Venezuela when it comes to it’s elections? I already posted about how it was that the voter ‘turnout’ in Boston was 129% of registered voters. While that certainly wouldn’t have affected the presidential race because Obama would have won that state anyway, it could have affected the Senate race.  Now it turns out that Obama also won 108% of the registered vote in Wood County, an area near Cleveland Ohio. On November 6th, 106,258 people voted while only 98,213 were eligible.

I suppose I shouldn’t care. It doesn’t seem like the GOP has any desire to get to the bottom of these voting irregularities, as they seem fine with it too. Maybe I shouldn’t care either anymore.

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  • patricia

    Yep, smoke some pot and turn on the tube.

  • Paul Strait

    um, only 60,593 people voted in wood county, and Obama only won 52% of the vote in wood county. Registering to vote is not the same thing as voting.

  • Jake

    Once again you’re using “cards cast” as a way to count voters. It doesn’t work that way, but I’m sure you actually already know that.

  • Anti Duplicity

    More voter fraud … and the same end result as when Obama won the first time … SERIOUSLY – who cares? … besides the little no body types …

  • Bo

    That 92,000+ eligible voter number comes from 2010. Also, there is a college in this county which causes these numbers to fluctuate greatly.

  • pissedofflibertarian

    Fucking retard/ Obama won 51% of Wood county